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Home The Russian Black Terrier is a coated breed which must be groomed regularly for the well being of the dog.  It is also accepted world-wide as a breed which is trimmed, i.e. sculptured, in its presentation for exhibition in the show ring. With this in mind it is essential that any fancier of the Russian Black Terrier understands both the usual presentation style and the essential breed characteristics and qualities which lie underneath the coat.  We need to fully understand and appreciate the breed standard qualities as taken from the written word. We would also like to show to you the usual style in which the breed is presented to judges for their assessment and aim to enforce your understanding of the need to examine the males and bitches thoroughly with your hands-on examination to appreciate the animal ‘underneath’. Grooming the Russian Black Terrier.  The dog must be brushed completely (all knots removed carefully) and  bathed the day before trimming-this helps prevent cut lines from being noticeable. Always try to scissor the way the hair grows.A grooming chart and a good photograph of a top specimen enlarged and placed on the wall will often assist the novice to aim for the correct lines of the dog. Scissors are used to trim the mane, the jacket, the chest (to give the shape of the chest when viewed from the side) and leg furnishings are trimmed carefully to shape. Clippers and thinning scissors are used to trim close, the skull, from fold of the ears to tip, the neck and front to bib (just above point of chest), rear of tail and rear quarters to show the bend of stifle. Finishing  touches, scissor the edge of the ears and the anal area, shape the tip of the tail and finally shape the feet.   Always take the dog from the grooming table between trimming sessions and look carefully at the overall presentation especially the mane to shoulder, the top-line should be level, the under-tuck and the leg furnishings when the dog is on the move. Three words regarding the eyebrows, moustache and beard, leave well alone!  We hope even if you do not succeed in reaching your goal the first time or even the second or third, do remember that the hair grows quickly on the Russian Black Terrier.  Health Tips: The ear canal must have the hair plucked carefully on a regular basis and also scissor the hair between the pads of the feet knots can form Natalia Stolbova  "Deneb-Keitos"    Has a fabulous grooming page   CLICK HERE Natalia Stolbova  "Deneb-Keitos"    Web Site  CLICK HERE
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